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Elevating Mindful Movement

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Watch our introduction to Stretching Resistance Fitness video…

What type of mindful movement lights you up?

What types of movements cause you to feel connected and alive?

Do you practice or aspire to a movement practice that is hinged around holistic healing movements and natural body mechanics?

Do you desire the naturalness, convenience and practicality of calisthenics and whole bodyweight, four limb strength training?

Do you love the dynamic fluidity of dance or martial arts/flow practice?

Stretching Resistance is about mindful movement—we are not about competitiveness. Our aim is to collaborate and connect. Through combining, unifying and melding the best aspects of the fundamental mindful-movement traditions out there (yoga, calisthenics, suspension training and martial/dance movements) we have developed a simple, highly dynamic movement style.

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We are a mindful, health and fitness based company operating out of the enchanted island of Maui, Hawaii.

Our mission is to elevate mindfulness and mindful movement (for body, mind and spirit) in this world.

Our approach to life and fitness is quite simple.

It’s about fulfilling and finding new wholistic, dynamic and innovative ways of meeting our basic and innate needs; the needs to be connected and to feel alive in our body, mind and spirit.

Our lives are run and managed by incredibly complex systems. Political systems, monetary systems, labor systems, religious systems, food systems, even astronomical systems and more. Through all this complexity, we have arrived at needing a simple but fresh and new way through the health and fitness systems.

To do this, we need to return to the simple basics.

Simplicity and elegance (as well as creative innovativeness) are primary. 

For those who either like or need to stretch and expand their tissues, fibers and mindset, i.e. elongate the structure of their body/mind/spirit. For those who desire to find new progressive and dynamic ways to use your body, mind and spirit to properly  resist and strengthen.

Stretching Resistance

Strength and flexibility, resistance and stretching are the yin and yang coming together.

We are promoting a mindful practice—a lifestyle addition to your life, around four prime principles.

If you can try in every movement throughout your day to do these four just a bit more, you are going to surely feel more healthy, more alive and more connected.

These four principles are: SSBB

Stretch • Strengthen • Breathe • Balance

In both your physical life (your body and movement patterns) and your mental/spiritual life (your movement of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perceptions) how can you stretch more, strengthen deeper, breathe through it all more effectively and learn how to find the delicate balance in any given situation? If you do, you will find the connection and aliveness you seek.

Stretching Resistance is a metaphor for life and an incredibly effective method for fitness.

Where does our resistance lie?
What do we need to stretch and grow within ourselves?
What techniques, tools and people will help us along the way?

To help us answer that we use the four tools that go along with the four principles of Stretching Resistance.

The Rope: The ancients used it, so why not bring it back into a modern style with a ring attached.

The Bungee: A modern invention, that allows the static tension to become dynamic perfect material to compliment our myofascial tissues.

The Staff: another ancient tool of fitness, but now its time to use it in ways that dazzle and keep the flow of life alive.

The Rings: the most natural and effective way to use gravity and suspension training in nature.

To keep life simple we can orient it around the basic needs that drive us.

We strive to make these fundamental “basics” Stretching, Strengthening, Breathing and Balancing, as fun, engaging, inspiring and as dynamically alive and connective as possible!

If you value a wholistic approach to life and fitness

If you enjoy engaging your whole body

And your mind 

And your spirit 

Alongside others that love to do the same, 

check out our  fitness programs here.

Or why not a wholistic all encompassing program for your mind and spirit too. 

Remember, only together can we grow each other, through stretching our resistance as one.

About Nate Newcomer


My name is Nate Newcomer and here is a little background about me.

For the last 10 years, I have been mindfully walking the path of self-improvement and self-development. In doing so I have found my professional calling becoming a life and health coach, and my most passionate role as an innovative fitness practitioner.

I have learned many things over the course of the last ten years in the pursuit of my development as a human and spiritual being. And one of the most important things I have figured out is—life is about finding your own way, your own approach, your own individual method to success, fulfillment, and achievement.

My fitness company is called stretching resistance and I am here to help find the right amount of stretch, the right amount of resistance, so that you can break through the unique limitations and obstacles that are holding YOU back from the body, the mind, the life that you dream of achieving.

I know from my own life and experience, the journey to the “top of the mountain” cannot be done alone, it requires each other, it demands the support of one another.

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“Nate supported my becoming stronger and more flexible in a very unique and personalized way.”
– Dee Chapon


“Stretch resistance training with Nate has been one of the central practices in the restructuring of my confidence in my body after a career-halting overuse injury. The practice helped me cultivate confidence in my ability to grow inside and out, and to progress on my greater mission in this life. This practice makes the most sense and yields the most holistic results for strengthening and grounding into the body to be fully present and prepared for any and all kinds of engagements with life. The organic movement and focus on building/unlocking fascia as well as the deeper philosophy that comes with it (which Nate integrates into his sessions in how he teaches) has benefitted my music studies soccer playing, all physical and mental abilities have been enhanced really, its helped enormously with mental health and having control over my body and mind. I am now happily incorporating conscious movement into my everyday routine, i have to now because it feels so incredible and empowering. In developing my own consistent routines through the mental, physical, and spiritual discipline that comes along with the practice i have learned to better self analyze tensions happening in my body and know how to creatively navigate, engage and support my different muscles in new ways i previously would have never even identified as a “problem” with to begin with. I highly recommend this practice and trusting Nate to show you your true potentials in your body. ”
– Sam Frampton


“Nate has an amazing ability to see your weaknesses and strengthens, push you right to your personal edge and help you open a door to experience potent growth and balance if you choose to walk through it. ”
-Gerit Williams


“Stretching resistance yoga has increased my overall body awareness and mindfulness through balancing and strengthening movements that activate specific muscles in need.”
-Elyssa Farmer