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Why are you here?

Where are you going?

What’s preventing you from getting there?

When it comes to self-development and self-growth these three simple questions are more profound than any others out there.

Stretching resistance is more than just a fitness company. It is a lifestyle, it is a way of life. In life, we all face resistance, especially when it comes to achieving major goals, dreams or worthy ambitions. So how do we learn to grow or better yet stretch and become more, become greater, to unearth our deepest potential through overcoming that resistance, together?

To be a mentor, a guide, a trusted advisor, a pillar of support to someone and their personal life dynamics requires these (three above) fundamental questions to be the base of the work done together.

When we honesty reflect on our lives, do any of us fully understand or better yet perfectly align ourselves to our highest most passionate purpose in this life? Are we all certain as to the primary direction we are needing to head in our life, professionally, personally, relationally, financially, spiritually? And if we are resourceful enough to answer these questions with clarity and ease, are we all equipped and tooled up to overcome the challenges and obstacles that lie between us and that greater purpose or life-fulfilling destination?

Now the question becomes, why would a mentor, a guide, an advisor be of use in your life?

Because there are answers, solutions, insights and incredible internal resources waiting to emerge from within you that are necessary to getting you to place in life that you desire to be. 

And the truth is, you don’t (often) need someone else’s advise, what you need is someone to help access your own—your own eternal wisdom or own internal guidance. And yet that requires someone with skills who knows how to do two basic things incredibly well—one, properly inquire and two, expertly listen.

What’s the issue when it comes to achieving your goals, dreams and desires? The issue is that to access the powerful intrinsic self-knowledge that will illuminate the path ahead of you—to fully speak to and unveil the resourceful genius within, we often need another to help dynamically stretch us. 

We require someone who is wise enough, who is experienced enough to know how to guide and direct a worthy dialogue to help organize, sift through, expertly inquire, and strategically probe for the gems of creative insight that you are looking for in order to make the next big moves in your life. Ohh and let’s not mention, if that mentor can help keep you properly motivated and accountable to your action steps, well… then you have found the solid pillar of support needed to achieve your most meaningful goals and dreams in this lifetime.

Four experts, four tools have guided my life toward being a coach, a mentor, a trusted advisor.   

Harville Hendrix- Safe Conversations.

Tony Robbins- Creating Lasting Change.

Steven Forest- Soul/Personality Assessment

Max Gerson-Gerson Therapy

Synthesizing together these expert systems of knowledge and wisdom, plus my own personal mentoring style, there is not a doubt that together, we can create a powerful catalyst to launching your life in the direction it is wanting to head. Whether it be in the realm of health and fitness, love & relationship, vocation or self-actualization, your growth, your fulfillment is our target and destination.

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