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About Nate

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My name is Nate Newcomer and here is a little background about me.

For the last 10 years, I have been mindfully walking the path of self-improvement and self-development. In doing so I have found my professional calling becoming a life and health coach, and my most passionate role as an innovative fitness practitioner.

I have learned many things over the course of the last ten years in the pursuit of my development as a human and spiritual being. And one of the most important things I have figured out is—life is about finding your own way, your own approach, your own individual method to success, fulfillment, and achievement.

I live and practice out of the most beautiful island in the world, Maui, Hawaii. And I count my blessings everyday because of it.

My way to “the top of the mountain” or to creating a life around my passion, just happens to go like this.

I first and foremost believe in the value of holding and cultivating an optimistic and hopeful outlook as it comes to life, and especially as it comes to improving our health and fitness. 

Though, I have found that optimism by itself is not enough. Just because we think positive thoughts and dream of the body and lifestyle we desire, doesn’t alone get us the results we seek. Thus besides the obvious element of taking action, we need a real-world, result oriented approach as well. And to find results the base of my formula has to do with the application of curiosity.

See I grew up fascinated with sport. You name it, I played it. Soccer. Street hockey. Cross Country. Swimming. Tennis. Lacrosse. Tae Kwon Do. Basketball. Baseball. Rock climbing. And the sport that taught me the hardest lessons of them all, football.

After years of playing some of these more aggressive sports, especially football, it became self-evident that the hits had taken a serious toll on my body. And, I didn’t fully realize the lingering effects of playing these “rough house” sports, until one evening in the middle of night I woke up and my neck felt like it had caught on fire. The inflammatory response of my body had finally caught up to me five years later after playing junior college football. Awakening me to the hard reality that my body was more than just bent out of shape—it was out of alignment. And thus I began the result oriented, curiosity driven journey and starting to question what was wrong, and how do I mend it, and in a way or a method that went against the typical norm, that instead aligned with the alternative path. 

My early life, like so many others out there, had been a masculine, yang, driven, competitive, just do it, go go go way of life. 

It wasn’t until I was humbled by the path of self-growth, self-development, self-inquiry, that I began to understand the gentle way of compassion and healing. Learning to move in nature, with nature, learning the art of yoga and yin movement dramatically assisted in establishing a bias toward the yin side of movement and healing.

In my humble opinion, we need to look at our fitness path as a healing and wholesome path. All of us have been humbled by injuries, all of us have limitations. We have forms of instability or weakness somewhere in our bodies, and we are working on becoming whole and integrated. And it does help to question why, and to ask how to fix and mend it, but ultimately it is through compassion and patience and a gentle consistent healing oriented mindset (or heart-set), that we allow energy to more easily and intuitively guide us to the answers we seek.

It has taken me years to gain these type of approaches. The path at times has been tedious and frustrating, but through and through I have learned. I have become wiser, and thus been able to step into my role as a teacher and mentor.

By identifying with the role of mentor, teacher, and coach I have become a lover of wisdom, an advocate for strength and empowerment, health and individuality, and true individuality means embracing the alternative path. 

Everyday I choose to challenge my individual self, to stretch myself beyond my personal limits, to take the path less traveled.  Not just in my body, but in my mind and spirit as well. To innovate and creatively find alternative ways to be more effective and efficient in how I go about my life—this is my M.O. 

And so this is how I approach life and relationships and SRF.

Now even though I promote the autodidactic (self-taught) path, I do have teachers and mentors that have guided me so that I haven’t gone too far out on the fringe and become lost. They have molded me into the trainer and coach that I am today.

To find my path to wholeness and health, to be able to help others achieve those ideals, I have sought out those who I find to be highly reputable experts in the primary fields self-growth:

  • For the mind-Tony Robbins and his six-human needs psychology
  • For the body-Tom Myers and his work on anatomy trains (myofacial meridans) and Max Gerson for the nutritional component of raw/nutrition and whole body cleansing 
  • For the spirit/soul- Steven Forrest world class evolutionary/soul based astrologer  
  • For relationships- Harville Hendrix and his work on the Imago Image and Safe Conversations/Dialogues 
  • For life coaching in general- David Emerald and The Power of Ted.

Together these handful of mentors and teachers have produced me, a man, a father, a coach that cares deeply and sincerely for the humans that I serve.

These are the tools that I have accumulated to help me, help you.

My fitness company is called stretching resistance and I am here to help find the right amount of stretch, the right amount of resistance, so that you can break through the unique limitations and obstacles that are holding YOU back from the body, the mind, the life that you dream of achieving.

I know from my own life and experience, the journey to the “top of the mountain” cannot be done alone, it requires each other, it demands the support of one another.

Life is done in relationship, so should movement.

So my maximum is: 

“Together we grow beyond our limits, stretching and resisting as one”

I hope to move with you one day.